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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scary Connection between Libby and Edmonds

What do Scooter Libby and Sibel Edmonds have in common? Not much; one's a criminal the other is not, one is a liar and the other is not. One is a patriot and the other is NOT. What they DO have in common is this: they both may have their cases dismissed because they both have the right to recuse their common judge, Judge Reggie Walton, who has been protecting government officials by gagging Edmonds and locking up Libby. According to this article by Raw Story, in March of 2006, Edmonds filed a motion for Judge Walton's recusal from her case (pending at that time) on the basis that he is guilty of having a "secrecy bias." Apparently he redacted his financial disclosure, and that is in violation of the "Ethics in Government Act."

As far as Libby's trial goes, I think that if there is any REAL grounds for an appeal, it may lay within Judge Walton's resume. It's in brief at the end of Edmonds' release for the recusal movement, as follows:

"Judge Reggie Walton was nominated to his position as a United States District Court of Columbia Judge in October 2001 by President George W. Bush. He served as President George H. W. Bush’s Associate Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the Executive Office of the President and as President Bush’s Senior White House advisor for Crime."

I'd say that having been Bush's WH advisor, and protecting the very same administration from prosecution, that could be conflictive. I don't think that Libby's attorneys wouldn't be stupid enough to go this route, but who knows, they have been screaming "scapegoat" at the top of their lungs...does this mean that Libby may roll on those he has lied for? We'll see. If not, I think he has a case based on the very same basis that Edmonds took in 2006 - a judge with a secrecy bias cannot be making rulings on whether or not Libby was lying, especially in a case that surrounds the leaking of top secret information! Don't get me wrong, that treasonous liar should ROT for all that he did. I think Bush will let it ride until the appeal. fails, or he is near leaving office before he pardons Libby.

Unfortunately for Edmonds, Judge Walton was promoted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA court) last month. So I imagine she will have to fight his participation again in the future, IF her request for Chairman Waxman to hold an open hearing is successful. Vist my post, Let the Whistleblower Speak! for more information, and how to contact Waxman to get the hearing we deserve on this incredibly important matter.

What I find extra incredible is the public support for pardoning Libby. Those people are just as treasonous as Libby! Aiding a treasonous criminal. Why would any red-blooded American want this guy to get-off free on this? He had his chance to give up others involved, and he had a chance to bargain I'm sure. Let him appeal, let him have his case retried, or better yet, let the investigation begin again! When are Americans going to finally stand up for each other? When are patriots going to be treated like heroes again?

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