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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fear Fuels All Evils

So here we are, one week into the tuberculosis scare, and it seems to be working. Forget that on the very first day they reported that he wasn't contagious. The real scare should have been about our lack of national security. He was on the no-fly lists, but was able to drive right in across the border, legally? Not that I'm at all surprised, ALL the terrorists from 9/11 entered the US legally. That's why the latest immigration bill is ineffective when it comes to preventing terrorism. It's not about higher security measures being taken, it's about enabling a slave-labor class in the US - so the Corprotocracy can enjoy the benefits of cheap labor. It's hard to believe that Americans really want yet another class of impoverished Americans to be developed; but people will actually argue that it's better than immigrants "stealing jobs" from them, or paying a higher price for anything (which would mean the people that worked to produce it weren't working in inhumane conditions). NOPE! Cheap goods, slave labor, and plenty of encouragement for corporations to outsource or move abroad so they can compete instead. This is just another example of how Americans will support bad policy, merely because they have sucked-up the fear and eaten it whole.

Going back to the tuberculosis thing... Yesterday, there was a bioterrorism drill in LA. Of course, there have been emergency drills going on for decades, but there has been a surge in bioterrorism drills since 9/11. I think the tuberculosis scare provided the perfect opportunity to conduct this test, make it public, and further scare the public into thinking about the "ever looming threat." This is no doubt how Americans have become so willing to give up our civil rights, and those of everybody around us along with them. I was shocked when it seemed apparent that the majority of Americans didn't care about the rights of detainees' right to habeas corpus; don't they understand that even by a grave mistake that they could end up in their position without the ability to even know why they are being detained? Worse yet, there are CIA secret detention centers where there are innocents being held captive, and at least 39 of which are know to have gone missing! In regard to the ongoing rhetoric about bioterrorism goes, I find the latest Presidential Directive especially disturbing. It enables Bush to claim anything he wants an emergency, domestically OR internationally, and completely shut down the authority of congress - essentially calling Marshall Law into effect, and have the entire country at the mercy of White House rule (under the new shadow government defined within this same directive)! I find this new authority that Bush has given himself far more horrific than the "threat" these inept "plots" or even tuberculosis poses (we only need look at the example the government set when they abandoned the health care needs for Katrina victims and 9/11 NYFD to know that there will be no help for us).

I found this well done synopsis of the latest Democratic debates, and it demonstrates what I had said before about how convenient the JFK so-called "terrorism plot" story arrived just in time to try and point the "weak on terrorism" finger right at Democrats once again.

Come on America, stop allowing yourself to be compelled by fear when it comes to making decisions to support policies or when forming opinions. Fear only begets hate, and it always results in hasty and poor decision making, if not down right racism. Not to mention, that it's been the main reason why our beautiful democracy and our civil rights have been allowed to be dismantled piece by piece.

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Beau said...

Hmmm, how coincidental...

US scientists discover new, potentially deadly bacteria

More fear for the masses...

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