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Saturday, June 2, 2007

How Much Further Can They Stretch it?

OK, the tuberculosis-guy story is REALLY getting old! The very first night this "story" broke (just after I posted last time), I had seen on the news that he wasn't even contagious. Since then I have heard it ALL: What kind of selfish... His new father in-law is one of the US' top tuberculosis experts... They're not actually married... WHO CARES? Obviously far too many people care to even be believed, and I think this is also exhibiting the public's increasing lemming-nature to consume whatever our media sources deem to be "news."

Meanwhile, the real news escapes the the attention of the vast majority of the public again. Which is why I ask; how long do they really expect to stretch this story to cover-up the real news? Well, as we know, there is always more FLUFF where that came from!!! Don't try to tell me that the media doesn't bury the things that are of real importance either - just look at how they released two NIEs from January 2003 that read like pure premonition as far as what would happen upon and prior to invading Iraq, released on the Friday that started off the Memorial Day weekend. What? Didn't hear about that because you were busy driving out of town or preparing for your BBQ? Hmmm...what a shocker!

The REAL News:
There have been some truly incredible developments in the US Attorney purge scandal, and if you don't know what I'm talking about you can see one of my recent articles:
Gonzo-Wolf Gate; A Neocon Nightmare
There is also more information in last weeks article:
Patriots and Pragmatists

I plan to continue with this topic in my next edition (posted this Monday), even though it's not normal practice to cover the same topic week after week. There is just too much going on to do that, but in this case there has been some thing so BIG happening that I just can't wait to write about Gonzo-Gate again! You see, there's one thing about the purge scandal that is actually the very purpose of the entire operation - yet has gone almost completely unnoticed by the public...until NOW. What was the purpose of the scandal? Voter disenfranchisement, plain and simple. Something that was talked about amongst those that have been ever diligent (noticing that many of the problems surrounded the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department, and that almost ALL of the attorneys replaced were in states considered tight election races), or perhaps they were aware just because fans of the investigative journalist, Greg Palast.

As of Friday it was known far and wide within these circles that something really meaningful has finally hnappened, and that there may be some justice had in this fiasco after all. Remember all the missing emails that the Judiciary Committee had sequestered? Of what was received, much of it was redacted, and much was suspected of missing because one of the emails coming from Rove appeared to have come from an external server (external to the White House - the RNC server to be exact). Anyway, the RNC claimed that they were "mistakenly" erased. Then they admitted that in order to be in keeping with the Presidential Records Act, they disabled the ability to erase emails - but Rove had found a way around that, and he had to be given a talking to abou it. Hmmm...what kind of nafarious things do you suppose he was up to? Well, you don't have to guess, because now we KNOW.

Like I'd mentioned it was all about voter disenfranchisement, and more specifically, the "caging lists" that were used to do so. Palast has an article all about caging, so I will save my breath explaining it. This isn't what's NEW though, he has been on this case for several years now...

What's new is that there has finally been some notice taken of the cituation by the House Judiciary Committee! Chairman Conyers met with Palast on Thursday night and he turned over all the emails that he had intercepted straight over to Conyers. Most humorous about the story is that these caging lists were accidentally sent to a friends of Palast's that hosts a site called "" - the orginal is .com - so they sent out their evil plan to disallow tens of thousands of Democratic voters to the wrong person.

The best news of all is that there has been a sign of knowing guilt that should say it all. One of the US Attorneys (Tim Griffin) that were put in office to replace those that wouldn't comply with the evil plan, and had been fingered in Goodling's testimony last week, and he resigned the day after Palast met with Conyers. Better than that, Griffin was one of Rove's protoges and I expect we will soon hear him sqealing like a little piggy before we know it!!! Let's just hope that this new and incredibly consistent policy of resigning before being successfully prosecuted doesn't deny us a proper investigation into why we really need to repeal the provision in the Patriot Act that allowed Griffin to be seated without congressional approval.

I don't think the tuberculosis scare is going to be cover enough for what is about to happen. Any calls on what the next fluff-spotlight will be?

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