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Friday, August 31, 2007

Idahomopobic Freak

Craig has just unofficially announced his resignation moments ago, when he announced the official resignation announcement will be tomorrow. I guess he needs another gay, I mean day, to get his story straight.

I'm plenty good with the gay part, it's the self-loathing hypocrisy that I find most disturbing.

How Would you Feel If...

If you HAD to leave your home and stay far away for a while in order to survive, and then a year later you finally make it back, only to be met by police preventing you from getting into your house? What if you still found yourself homeless after two years, with your kids too? You might expect to hear this story coming out of Iraq (not that it's any more acceptable), but this story is about Americans - from New Orleans.

Once again' Palast has aptly identified the target of such inhumanities, as people who are guilty of being just two things: poor & black.

This problem is nothing short of outrageous insanity, and this vile treatment of human life is absolutely shameful (if not criminal).

Still think it's more important for our National Guard to be in Iraq; as opposed to in the US, attending to natural disaster relief efforts? Between the multiplying infrastructure failures across the nation and the increasing intensity of damaging storms and other freaks of nature, we are in for some serious suffering as it is. "Not in America," right? Wrong. Without a proper security infrastructure at home, we have far more pressing issues than terrorism on our plate. Just because you may not be black or poor, don't fool yourself into thinking that it won't happen to you. The vast majority that are hurting (and will be hurting)come from our middle class - the largest growing demographic sinking into poverty.

I never thought this would be the situation in New Orleans two years after Katrina hit. It's almost too unbelievable for me, but it should be a screaming signal for Americans everywhere to get mad as hell! Which reminds me...

Across the nation, at every Federal Building of every city, during the lunch hour (12-1), on the 19th of every month: Bring some pots & pans and...


The only purpose of this gathering is to let our representatives hear first-hand that we want an end to the war/occupation - NOW. Pure and simple. Brilliant journalist Molly Ivins, passed away a about six months ago. In her last article she talked about Bush's "surge plan." Ivins said that Bush claiming that as an actual plan should've had Americans out in the streets mad as hell, banging pots & pans, and demanding that the war come to an end right now. In loving memory...

Monday, August 27, 2007

No End in Sight

Our Thorns Removed Themselves!

Two of the biggest thorns in America's side have removed themselves from office, within two weeks of each other, and during the congressional recess...I smell recess appointment burning on the hot-plate... To see Rove & Gonzales resign tells me that their were indictments were (or are), just around the corner. This administration's chosen-ones also have a habit of disappearing just before the sh*t hits the fan. That way they can at least say that they aren't working within government by the time it hits. You can bet your sweet booty that not a single one of them would have left if there wasn't something dark looming over these ego-maniacs' heads too!

When Gonzales announced he wasn't going to resign he said he needed to get about his business of "good work," and claimed the courts were impeding him to do so. All the sudden, I think he realized that he was merely a "common mortal" and it was only getting caught in criminal/immoral activities that revealed this harsh reality to himself - nauseatingly pathetic. Then there's Rove, leaving to supposedly "spend time with his family" does he really have one? That just creeps me out... I expect that they'll be seen very soon at the pulpit, giving their public confessional. You know, the one where they lay all their sins in God's lap? If it weren't for confession, I doubt any of Bush's cronies would ever know what it feels like to be "clean," not even momentarily.

Of course, Bush will just open his back-door for another crony to be seated without question. I heard that Homeland Security Dept. failure, Michael Chertoff may be in line for Gonzales' seat. People are already talking about Chertoff's recess appointment meaning he will remain until the end of 2007 (without congressional questioning/confirmation required). How disgusting is it that because of the administration's repeated and abusive pattern of recess appointments, that before it even happens people are just expecting it? What was once fairly rare, became the norm and nobody in Congress has ever really said much about it, if anything at all. Bush the a back-door man, adores his recess appointments and opens the back-door wide for cronies that wouldn't be able to pass the congressional sniff-test. I would be all for Chertoff's appointment - IF it meant we had an opportunity to get him under oath about his disastrous Katrina-recovery "efforts"!

Bush said that Gonzales was "impeding from doing good work" - and even though he meant impeded, he spoke more truth than he will ever understand (which might bring his total less than ten times that he did tell the truth about anything...inadvertently). Bush also claimed that Gonzales' name was being "dragged through the mud...over politics," but I'd say that Gonzales had clearly decided to bathe in mud regularly, and all on his own. After all, nothing besmirches reputation or name as effectively as just being a liar does!

I obviously wanted these two thorns removed, but I have to admit that allowing them to work in stealth is more concerning in some regards. Just look at Rumsfeld: He proved to be a miserable failure, and he may have resigned; but he was never held accountable for anything whatsoever, and then he was given his very own little staff as a consultant, for the Pentagon. Just because he isn't Sec. of Defense anymore doesn't mean he stopped applying his failing policies to our military. On the contrary, Rumsfeld now has a kind of immunity and anonymity to hide behind while doing it.

Just because we no longer see the thorns in our sides, doesn't mean they aren't still there. Keep your eyes on these guys, they will not be disappearing anytime soon. Don't let "out of sight" become "out of mind."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Will the US be Duped into Another War?

Sign the open letter for media intervention.

As far as the media goes, I firmly believe that when it comes to every single thing we suffer, struggle against and try to overcome as Americans; there are TWO sole causes that lead us to those problems: Corporate Interests & the Media - they are the poisonous partners that make it all possible. The press is the ONLY corporation protected by the Constitution - and for good reason. They have a constitutional duty to serve the people's educational interests, not other corporations' interests. That media thing, is OURS - and I want it back!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Man with the Right Experience

You want to end the war/occupation, right?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lebanese Intelligence takes their lead from CIA

This victim said that the Lebanese Intelligence treatment was far worse than what his enemies would have done to him. Isn't this essentially what the US did with Iraqis and Abu Ghraib?

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