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Friday, August 31, 2007

How Would you Feel If...

If you HAD to leave your home and stay far away for a while in order to survive, and then a year later you finally make it back, only to be met by police preventing you from getting into your house? What if you still found yourself homeless after two years, with your kids too? You might expect to hear this story coming out of Iraq (not that it's any more acceptable), but this story is about Americans - from New Orleans.

Once again' Palast has aptly identified the target of such inhumanities, as people who are guilty of being just two things: poor & black.

This problem is nothing short of outrageous insanity, and this vile treatment of human life is absolutely shameful (if not criminal).

Still think it's more important for our National Guard to be in Iraq; as opposed to in the US, attending to natural disaster relief efforts? Between the multiplying infrastructure failures across the nation and the increasing intensity of damaging storms and other freaks of nature, we are in for some serious suffering as it is. "Not in America," right? Wrong. Without a proper security infrastructure at home, we have far more pressing issues than terrorism on our plate. Just because you may not be black or poor, don't fool yourself into thinking that it won't happen to you. The vast majority that are hurting (and will be hurting)come from our middle class - the largest growing demographic sinking into poverty.

I never thought this would be the situation in New Orleans two years after Katrina hit. It's almost too unbelievable for me, but it should be a screaming signal for Americans everywhere to get mad as hell! Which reminds me...

Across the nation, at every Federal Building of every city, during the lunch hour (12-1), on the 19th of every month: Bring some pots & pans and...


The only purpose of this gathering is to let our representatives hear first-hand that we want an end to the war/occupation - NOW. Pure and simple. Brilliant journalist Molly Ivins, passed away a about six months ago. In her last article she talked about Bush's "surge plan." Ivins said that Bush claiming that as an actual plan should've had Americans out in the streets mad as hell, banging pots & pans, and demanding that the war come to an end right now. In loving memory...

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