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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

JFK Threat a Farce

I knew it was a farce the moment I heard it reported that it was an FBI infiltrator that "busted" the plan. It has happened all too often; and I'm betting that, as usual, there will soon be reports of how the infiltrators were the ones that actually instigated or initiated the plan in the first place. It was the same thing with the so-called foiled plan to attack Fort Dix. No real evidence, no real ability to carry out the plan they said to have had, "there was no clear ringleader," and best yet, the arrests began when the suspects went to, "buy assault weapons, which had been supplied and disabled by the FBI." Get real people, these are no geniuses with a serious plan - they were first identified because they sent a a jihadist training DVD to a local store to be copied! It wasn't until a full year had passed after that, that they even became as UNable as they were by the time they were arrested.

In this more recent assertion that there was another attack thwarted, there is plenty of evidence that they were equally unable of carrying this "plot" to fruition...and much more to the story...

In this article about the alleged plot, JFK Plot Foiled - and Flawed, they seem to share my skepticism as to whether all these "thwarted attacks" are legitimate:

"All the plots were apparently closely monitored by intelligence agencies, almost from their inception, and all were stopped long before they were capable of implementing them. In many cases, the suspects are alleged to have expressed an intention to attack targets, but lacked the financing, training and means to do so."

Of course, you have to go to a foreign newspaper to get this kind of info...

Then again, we are lucky enough to have a few diligent bloggers that can connect the dots! Check out the this post that pulls this farce together with much more nefarious intent than was presented to the public:
by Cannonfire

A CIA False Flag Operation?


Beau Christensen said...

check this story out:

JFK airport plot 'a set-up'

Looks like the repugs aren't as good as Mossad are at conducting false flag ops.

Infensus Mentis said...

Hello yew.

It's my turn to apologise for taking so long to get back to you; I've been busy as all fuck, preoccupied with all sorts of folly and nonsense that I'd much rather not have to waste my time with. Or yours, so I won't go into it here.

Mike Gravel - good choice. I like him. I saw him in action during the Democratic Presidential candidate debate, and I was more than impressed. Notwithstanding the great Ron Paul, I think he's the best on offer.

I've had my password and details for the AntiNeocons forum for awhile now, Ry got back to me with the details pretty quickly, but I haven't as yet utilised or even visited the place, due to the aforementioned dramas I've been preoccupied with. But I'll see you there; don't you worry about that, little missy.

And yeah, you're right. I follow American politics very closely, being that they have more of a bearing on world affairs and the status quo than politics at home. It's the Empire I'm watching very closely, very closely indeed...

Your blog site here's looking great, good work. Keep it comin'. I haven't read much yet, but I will.

A pleasure as always, my dear.


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