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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Target Iran

Admittedly, I'm stealing this title from the most definitive book on the subject by the same name: "Target Iran" by Scott Ritter - which I highly recommend.

However, time is of the essence in this matter, as there is about to be a GIANT propaganda effort taking-off. No time to read books before attending to this matter, we already know we don't want to go to war with Iran!

If you've been reading me, you know I have been expecting this to happen for quite some time now, and I'm still a little leery about an attack on US soil being within our immediate future. Now I think that the administration is backed into the corner far enough that if they are going to do this (as they've wanted to since the beginning), now is about the only chance they have left to pull it off. There's extra pressure to get it started quick too; with the progress report for the surge being due on September 11 (even though the White House was able to edit it), and the vast majority of Americans now agree that it's time to end US involvement in Iraq - we're weary from war & occupation already! So this effort for public support of another war won't be as easy as it was the first time.

The problem is that the warmongers don't care if they are able to gain as little as 30-40% support from the public, because that's plenty enough to go ahead with it in their book. Our only hope of preventing this catastrophe is by pushing for the legislation already introduced against funding for an attack on Iran, and let's not forget that this administration doesn't think they need congressional approval to do it - so passing a law forbidding funds for military action against Iran is absolutely necessary for prevention. Unfortunately, even if everybody is successful in doing these things, it may only hold it off temporarily - but that could be enough time to take other preventative measures thereafter.

Please everybody, do your part to end this mindless destruction of life everywhere, just for the sake of financial profit - it has got to end!

May we all take action, and may the powers that be have mercy on us all...


Jennifer Wants Justice and Peace said...

The IAEA just gave a report that said Iran is doing everything it is legally obliged to do under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and is years away from anything close to a nuclear weapon. It is so frustrating that our country has sunk to this level of idiocy...

Anok said...

What worries me most about this push for war with Iran is the possible use of a "unifier". That is to say, perhaps another attack on America, blamed on Iran, to unify us against them. The real problem here, as you pointed out was that the government simply doesn't have the support it did just post 9/11, and many people will be even more critical of any supposed attack on America from Iran.

What that means, at least to me, is that Bush and cronies will enact marshal law already set up and in place in the event of an attack. Which means that we will have no say anymore. So basically, no matter how it goes, they get to invade Iran.

Its not like we can expect our government to play by the rules.

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