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Monday, September 24, 2007

Murdering Our Troops

First, I wanted to make a small mention of what terrorism actually is. My own observation is that almost anything and everything can be labeled such by this administration, their definition I find far too broad and it's most likely no mistake on their part. After all, what's a "War on Terror" without terrorists, right? Most of the groups and people they paint with their extremely broad terrorist brush are just tools for our administration's intent to remain in Iraq as long as possible, and even to garner support to attack Iran. Bush appears to be willing to villanize just about anybody and any country, just to get his war on. When I'd heard that a large portion of our military is still under the notion that Saddam had something to do with 9/11, well, let's just say; case and point. I've heard on several occasions from several different sources that our troops' exposure to news is quite limited, and so I was also concerned with their ability to obtain enough real information, and if they are able to correctly identify "the terrorists." They may not be able to identify individuals with their limited access to interpretors and honest envoys, but fortunately I've discovered that they in fact have a very clear definition of terrorists, by way of their military training. I wanted to share my discovery with you here. It's an article on this very topic, authored by a marine serving in the al Anbar province. I wrote this man to thank him for clearing the smoke for us civilians as well, since I'm sure that I wasn't alone in my confusion as to whom it is that they actually consider enemy combatants.

Those of you that have been reading me know that I have been on a mission to shut-down private contractors for some time now. Those of you that are new readers, I invite you to take a look at some of my prior entries here on the subject, which includes some very telling videos as well. perhaps the best known and well done film on the subject is called, "Iraq for Sale" and you can find a link to the full length film viewable online in my links-list, just to your right--->
Prior blogs here include; Privatized War and To the "Victor" Goes the Spoils....
I've also touched on the topic in the following articles (as well as many others) within my column on "Who is Isabella?": Profits Trump Rights (half way down this page), and in my very first article there in August 2005, "Heroes Treated Badly".

With the latest Blackwater scandal, I take small comfort in that a little light was shed on this LONG TIME problem. The only thing that I find disturbing is that Americans are not more outraged. How could America forget so quickly about the private contractors that were hung from the bridge in Iraq? Are we really stupid enough to think that was without provocation?!?!? How is it that people here seem to have little to no understanding whatsoever that these kinds of lawless and immoral activities that private contractors are engaged in are endangering our troops? The Iraqis can't tell the difference between the contractors and our troops; and even if they can, they see them as part of the same force. When they do bad things, they do them in the name of the US. For our "leaders" not to have reacted to this incident immediately and properly, is an extremely bad reflection on the US as well. Removing Blackwater from Iraq is a minimal move, that should be followed by the removal of ALL private contractors in Iraq.

Last year there was a privately contracted security member that decided to kill a security guard for an Iraqi official, mainly because he was drunk while having an argument with the guy - but also just because he could! He even announced he was going out to kill somebody to his drinking buddies, just before he did it. What happened to him? Nothing; he was sent home, and faced no punishment whatsoever for committing that senseless murder. It's no wonder that after this latest episode of killing at least 11 Iraqi civilians - without provocation - that the Iraqi officials want these guys removed from their country. If we won't hold these guys accountable for such deplorable actions, and the Iraqis are unable to do it, then we should expect this evil crap to continue. The fact that the Iraqi parliament is trying to ban Blackwater and revoke their license, by utilizing their newly formed democracy, and our administration is basically telling them to "stick it" is vile! "HERE! Have a democracy, US style...just don't USE it!!!" Bush says we're there to give them the power and freedom that a democracy affords; but when they use it for what they consider to be best in their best interests, Bush practically laughs in their face by sending Blackwater right back in to work, against their will. I guess if Bush allowed their democracy to function and get the results they're entitled to, then it would expose our democracy for the SHAM it's been over the last several years - and we can't have THAT, now can we?

Since Congress can't even mange to vote in favor of our troops having proper recuperation time in between multiple tours in the Middle East, then I think the least we can do is encourage volunteers to enlist in the service - instead of signing up with the contractors. The contractors pay multitudes more for the very same jobs, and are taking away from our reenlistment potential as well. Not only are they better paid, but it's our volunteer army that is put into the most dangerous positions, without proper armaments, nor end in sight for their service. I just don't understand how those that say they support the troops are OK with all this preference given to contractors! After all, BOTH contractors and the military are paid for by our tax dollars. Which would you rather be paying for? Neither I'm sure and I don't want to be paying for an occupation either, but since we haven't the choice to end it (yet), I'd rather our money didn't go to the immoral, indiscriminate, unaccountable, completely lawless, murderers - especially not when it's at such a great cost to our troops! They are literally getting our military killed.

Thanks to a friend of a friend on My Space, Jesus †J for putting this together!!!

Top ten war profiteers (annotated)











Here lies 33 days of research. Here you have every location, all executives, lobbyists and profiles of the top ten war profiteers. We must shut them down, let them know they are not welcome in our country, state, county, city or town.

We will discuss all legal tactics for doing this elsewhere. This is strictly a directory containing links to all applicable information that I deemed necessary in shutting them down and taking our country and army back from these corporations.

Notice: profit incline exactly the same as soldier's deaths!

Figures are much higher now


MB said...

Firstly I would like to commend you on the research you have done to support your cause. The way it is layed out and portrayed is very clear to understand and very provocative. I had no idea the true cost to the war, and how American firms are profiting greatly from the misery and misfortune of another country. The privatization of our war efforts seems rather astonishing, how could we simply hire a company to handle a war? This is something that should not be up for hire. It is essentially hiring hit-men to do our dirty work, and given the legal limbo they work in; the lack of oversight and accountability are simply fuel to the fire. The example of the 'employee' of Blackwater USA tells his drinking buddies he is going to go out and kill someone simply because he can, and did is ridiculous. How can we have such people being the representation of American capitalism? If our imagine is not tarnished enough we have these business men running around as if it were the wild west, gun slinging and not being punished further than being sent home. Then, once the Iraqi parliament attempts to use its newly granted democratic powers to revoke Blackwaters license and operations in its sovereign country, we merely ignore their demands and send them back to work. How can we hold this double standard upon them? Democracy is the voice of the people, not the voice of the occupying forces in another sovereign country. - MB

Anok said...

I've been following the Blackwater issue for sometime now and I thank you for such a well thought out post on the matter of private contractors in war zones (namely Iraq). I saw a congressional hearing with Negroponte on C-Span the other night and there were a slew of questions regarding the liability of the actions of employees of Blackwater. The general consensus was that private contractors are to be held to the same standards as our military, are overseen by our DOD but are not to be held accountable for their actions in Iraq by Iraqi legal means. They can be held accountable for the actions here, when they get back in the US, but from what it looks like, that isn't likely to happen. Negroponte was rather vague as to how many people are even being investigated for criminal actions, never mind who is to be held responsible, or if any actions will be taken.

Many questions as to the work accomplished, the actions, and the difference in pay scale were also asked, and well skirted. They didn't even address the fact that the DOD and Homeland security failed their audits, and that $6 billion for private contractors are under criminal investigation and $88 billion in private contracts are now being audited again, because they simply don't know where the money is going.

I'll tell you one thing, it isn't going towards proper oversight of these contractors actions, thats for sure.

The really scary thing, is if you go and look at pro-war pro-Bush groups they are commending Blackwater for being an upstanding All American company!

I shudder at the thought.

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