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Saturday, September 8, 2007


I thought I couldn't possibly become any sicker with nausea from the embarrassment welling-up in me over the news of Bush telling security officials in Australia that we're "kickin' ass" in Iraq. Then my blood started to boil after hearing his comment on his buddy Osama's mention of Iraq, and reasserting the ludicrous idea that "the fight against Islamic extremists" is some sort of legitimate reason for the US occupation of Iraq. Not only did Bush demonstrate (once again) that even when he's cherry-picking the info he WANTS he misinterprets it, but also that he's in this chicken & egg quandary about which came first; Al Qaeda or Iraq. What's even weirder is that the terrorist makes more sense than the president, and yet we're supposed to believe the one that has killed two hundred times as many people? Yeah, that's right, call ME the terrorist for pointing out the obvious.

But then again, in the words of Senator Gravel (recently on Bill Maher), "What do you expect when you have a mental midget for a president?" Napoleon complex? Perhaps...

Still, I wasn't feeling well at all the last few days, and then I was hipped to this bit of news from Australia about the Bums for Bush:


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