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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fearings, nothing more than fearings...

First Chertoff's "gut feeling" tells him that there is a high risk of the US being attacked again. Then his gut gave him a more specific detail later, where he told some university students that; dirty-bombs will hit LA & San Francisco simultaneously (and watch, if it does happen; the administration will say that it was our own fault because we were warned but didn't leave - then they'll call to order the buses to "rescue" us).

About ten days ago, Bush started getting busy with the business of blurring the line between Osama's Al Qaeda, and Iraq's Al Qaeda (who thought it would be best to use a name with some notoriety), whose correct name is Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia". At first, he mentioned it with somewhat careful vocabulary, calling them Al Qaeda without clarifying. Then today I heard a clip on the radio from Bush speaking at a university, and he flat-out said that the one in Iraq is exactly the same as Osama's Al Qaeda.

Boy, they sure do like to dish it out to the college students! That's where they can get crazy with the lies, and take a lesser chance of it actually going public.

Speaking of liars...Gonzales was on the stand today, doing it again to Congress. First he said that he did not approach Ashcroft at his ICU-bedside in order to discuss the surveillance program renewal. Then he turned around and said that the documents he had in his hands that night (which just happened to be the night before the renewal was due), he said they were the renewal documents! Hello perjury? Obstruction of justice? Furthering conspiracy? Enough already.

At any rate, I have been watching the fear-machine crank-it-up ever since the all-nighter that the Senate pulled, and it just keeps repeating more frequently and feverishly. I expect plenty more of it, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was a big announcement very soon about how they caught the terrorist before he could strike. Fearings...nothing more than fearings...

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